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ledwork 1.0. ledwork are highly tangible autonomous light components. Put together in a network, ledwork form an inspiring lighting system that will connect with people on different levels. They create a rich experience of light and color and invite to observe, explore and construct. They form a connection between people, the network and space surrounding them. Soundtrack: 'Mi Confesion' by Gotan Project

Label of the month: Crème Organization

Motherboard TV: Upgrade: The Oil-Sucking Sailing Drone - YouTube

Teletekst is dood is dead

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Honor Harger: Why contemporary art fails to come to grips with digital. A response to Claire Bishop.

The Italian disco and electronica pioneer joins Soundcloud and gives away a stack of music...

Transforming Soap Film Into Kinetic Light Installations: Q@A with Nicky Assmann

I Dream of Wires: Made in Canada - Modcan & Intellijel by MUTEK. Canada holds a significant place in the history of electronic instrument development: from the ground-breaking inventions of Hugh Le Caine in the 1940s to the innovations at the University of Toronto's Electronic Music Lab in the 1960s. Recently, Canada has again come to play a significant role with the modern day resurgence of modular synthesizers; it is home to two highly respected manufacturers: Modcan, founded by Toronto's Bru

The Hague based video artist Floris Kaayk (his work was screened at TodaysArt 2005 and 2010) tricked a lot of people and media with his Human Birdwings video |