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Camping Ideas

Share the fun! This is the board for everyone who loves camping, hiking, traveling and exploring outdoors. Post as many great new photos and ideas as you'd like. Just hit the Follow button on this board and then email with your Pinterest profile name ( like: ). I'll follow you and send you an invitation join on as an editor. Then, pin away with your favorite Camping Ideas. Thank you!

Halloween Eyeballs Treat For Kids

Things to Look for at Every Yard/Garage Sale

Homemade Bug-banishing Candles

Fit all of Your Backpacking Gear into a Five Gallon Bucket? I did my own bucket gear challenge of sorts and my answer to “can you fit all of your backpacking (or bug out) gear into a single 5-gallon bucket?” is an emphatic… MAYBE. It really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish...

Dutch Oven Baked Beans

Looking for ways to save while you're camping? Check out these tips to help you save while staying on campgrounds.

Making Fire with an Empty Bic - It's NOT Just About Sparks! rethinksurvival.c...

The True Cost Of Heating With Wood & Coal

How To Sharpen Razor Blades For The Long Term

Ultralight Backpacking Videos, Tips, & Guides: CleverHiker

5 Tips to Improve Your Cold Weather Survival Shelter - If you ever find yourself stranded in the wilderness during a cold winter night then you really MUST ensure you get your shelter right. Here’s five tips to doing just that...

47 Genius Camping Hacks Every Camping Fan Should Know

Stuff your marshmallows for bonfires

DIY Mason Jar Solar Light

You can never ever have enough places to hang things when camping. I am always hanging several wet jackets!

Dutch Oven Baked Beans