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add voice to qr codes;lets users record their voice using the microphone built-in to their computer. You can then share the link – or turn it into a QR code – so that anyone who opens the page can press play and hear a recording of your voice. Great for adding verbal instructions to a activity sheet or definitions to new vocabulary words for English Language Learners.

How-To: Add Your Own Voice to a QR Code

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How-To: Add Your Own Voice to a QR Code

Technology with Class: If Only a QR Codde Could Talk...

How to Insert QR Codes into Educational Activities

How to Add an Image to a QR Code

8 Really Geeky But Creative Ways To Use QR Codes At Home

Lori's Latest Links: Ya Wanna Croak! voice messages linked to qr codes

Three Ways to Make Useful QR Codes for Your Students: First, I mixed up the artwork and poetry on the board so that they weren’t matched with each other. Then I placed QR codes on the artwork that led the reader to an audio file in which the artist/poet read his or her poem. I also placed QR codes that led the reader to Google Forms online that allowed the viewer to vote on their favorite pieces of art and poetry.

qr codes: how to make and ideas for use...for example, use qr voice to make simple scavenger hunt

The Techie Teacher: May QR Code Riddles Freebie

qr monkey and picmonkey to make

QR code ideas for the classroom!

QR Codes Are NOT All Hype - So There!

This site is simple to use and ideal for generating a synthesized voice speaking text (100 characters) from a QR code. techtidbits

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decode QR Codes Without a Camera QRreader (beta) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use your browser to decode QR codes. With QRreader installed when you come to a QR code on the web you can simply right-click on it to decode it. If the QR code is for a webpage, the page will open in a new tab. If the QR code is for text, it will open in a text dialogue box.

More Fun And Resources With QR Codes

QR Codes in the Classroom

50 QR codes resources for the classroom.

QR Code scavengers

QR Codes in the Elementary Classroom

The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator will walk you through each step of creating QR codes for use in your classroom. The QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator also offers some examples of using QR code treasure hunts in classroom.

QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator from

QR codes in the classroom- great interative and fun!

Auto Generate QR Codes in Google Spreadsheet: Enter some text or a URL in a spreadsheet and a QR code will be automatically created - all with the help of a little formula that you’ll learn about in this tip of the week. This is a great way to create lots of QR codes very quickly and easily!

QR code scavenger hunt!