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Oak Alley Plantation Fire Extinguisher

Canadian invented and constructed fire fighting device. Robert S. Bickle began his career in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as a sales representative for an American fire equipment manufacturer in 1906. By the end of that year he formed the R.S. Bickle Company. Horse Training Secrets Revealed

Vintage Fire Extinguishers, I need about 5 of these for the top of my cabinet.

Fire extinguisher grenade made by the Nutting Fire Grenade company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

FIRE LUXE COPPER - FIRE DESIGN - Design fire extinguisher - Home Design Security and Decoration

Harden Star Ad

Fire Grenade Bottles

Harden's Star Tubular Fire Grenade

Three Harkness Fire Grenades in tiered wire rack. Glass Fire extinguisher grenade

Blue Glass Fire Grenade

Reno Bottle Collections_41 | 2013 Dale Sanders

Red Shur-Stop Fire Extinguisher

In 1723, in England, the first fire extinguisher was patented by chemist, Ambrose Godfrey. It used a fire-extinguishing liquid and gunpowder. Upon ignition, there would be an explosion, which scattered the solution.

Fire Extinguisher History

Hayward Hand Fire Extinguisher Grenade

Hayward Hand Fire Extinguisher Grenade

22A Fire Grenade


Pair Harden No.1 footed

Pair Harden No.1 footed | Collectors Quest

California Fire Extinguisher

Antique Fire Extinguisher

vintage fire extinguishers