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Sculptures In Love With Architecture

Collaborative artwork by Fabio J. Fernández and Tom Lauerman. Intimately scaled objects exploring the emotional capacity of Architecture. Crafted in a variety of ways including direct modeling, found & altered objects, mold making, and digital fabrication.

Tom Lauerman, Gemini, wood, ink, 2013

Tom Lauerman, Tip Toe Screen, wood, shellac, 2012

Tom Lauerman, Three Quarter Quonset, found wood, 2013

Tom Lauerman, Saddle Slide, wood, ink, 2013

Fabio J. Fernandez, Pallet Stack, found wood, 2013

Tom Lauerman, 16 Swatches, tinted porcelain, 2010. Fabio J. Fernandez, Pallet, found wood, 2013

Tom Lauerman, Saddle, wood, ink, 2012

Fabio J. Fernandez, Hartmutian Structure, ceramic, 2011

Tom Lauerman, Skewed Vault & Green Roof, ceramic & glazed ceramic, 2010

Tom Lauerman, Frustrum, wood, ink, shellac, 2012

Tom Lauerman, Untitled (Trenton Bath House), 2010, Ceramic

Fabio J. Fernandez, Steamboat Willie, Glazed stoneware, 2012

Tom Lauerman, Building Block, wood, ink, gouache, shellac, 2012

Fabio J. Fernández, Brazillionaires 1, glazed stoneware, left is 2'h x 1" in diameter, right is 1.5" x 2" x 1.5" 2012

Tom Lauerman, Folding Screen, wood, ink, shellac, 2012