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16 Great DIY Home Ideas

34 Ingenious Ways To De-Clutter Your Entire Life

Refrigerator Organization Chart

AWESOME! - 10 Vinegar Cleaning Secrets. So many amazing ways to use vinegar! This is so good to know!

REALLY? - How to keep a toilet clean (much longer) -1/4 Cup of Baking Soda -1/2 Cup of Vinegar -2 Cups of Hot Water

showerhead both rains and pours

Very clever: Take a gallon jug of water and wrap a head lamp around it and you get a soft, ambient light that is easy on the eyes. Perfect for camping :)

Outdoor use. flies HATE pine-sol. I mix it with water, about 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle. Use to wipe counters or spray on the porch and patio table and furniture Drives them away! We used to use this in the barn

Stuff to plant that mosquitoes HATE. Plant some of these in the front doorway area. the strip next to the garage.

Awesome use of usually wasted space.

No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers...

LOVE it! - use frames to "wrap" a corner & fill in a weird expanse of empty space...

Cork board on the inside of your cupboards for recipes or little notes. This makes a lot of sense!

AWESOME! - Brilliant indoor clothes drying rack-excellent for a laundry room.