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Looking Up To The Cosmos

maintaining a connection with the cosmos and the stars and seeing as much as we are being allowed to see

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Looking Up To The Cosmos

  • 75 Pins

Kumi Yamashita - Constellation – Mana #art #stars

NASA finds puzzling arc of light 10 billion light-years away that shouldn't be there

Martian Surface, Spaces, Rare Martian, Mars Planets, Discover Mars, Surface Of Mars Pictures, Mars Meteorite, Martian Meteorite, Mars Surface

All 786 planets we know to scale

Japanese astronomers on Hawaii say they have found a galaxy 12.91bn light years away

A Rapper Finds His Muse in the Stars - GZA and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Mars One claims that a new crew of four will join every two years as the explorers build their settlement, and that by 2033 there will be 20 people living on Mars

Solar eclipse on Sunday: How to watch it without blinding yourself

A Most Peculiar Sunset via @NPR

Early last century Einstein tackled a problem that everyone else thought was already solved: gravity.

What If the Sky Fell?

UFO Fireball Gives Arizona the Jitters

NASA's WISE Mission Sees Skies Ablaze With Blazars

@NASA Wants Astronaut on Mars by 2030

Did @NASA cover up mysterious 'orbs' that flew past shuttle mission? NASA video shows unknown objects 'buzzing' Shuttle Atlantis

Blue Straggler Stars in Globular Cluster M53 via @NASA

New space radars track small but deadly space junk