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Tone It Up Nutrition!

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Detox Approved Snacks from Lauren Conrad!

Tone It Up! Blog - We ♡ Gorgeous Greece! Your new Tone It Up Approved Greek Tzatziki recipe!

Your Perfectly Spiced Rustic Bars are delicious and super satisfying ~ with just the right amount of Perfect Fit Protein to give you the nutrients you need, particularly post workout. With protein, fiber, healthy fats and a perfect touch of sweetness, these bars are a healthy snack that are TIU Nutrition Plan approved. The extra dose of cinnamon is amazing for your body. Cinnamon is a great fat burner. It helps balance insulin levels so your blood sugar stays at a healthy level.

@Amberlea Williams K's Perfect Fit Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ It has been my goal for years to create an amazing chocolate chip cookie that is gluten free. These little bites come pretty darn close and make a great snack! Makes about 18-20 2” cookies which will satisfy your sweet tooth! About 100 cals each with 12.9 carbs, 9.3g of sugar and 3.1g of protein each.

Healthy Chocolate Craving Muffins, Great for all Meals on The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! From Karena and Katrina at

Tone It Up is Celebrating National PANCAKE Day! Here's some tips and tricks to make your protein pancake perfect every time, with Perfect Fit of course!

Nothing better than starting off your day with fresh juice that boosts your metabolism and immune system!! We love this one ~ Fresh juiced strawberries & coconut ♥ This refreshing drink not only reminds us of summer, but it's packed with potassium & antioxidants to give you beautiful skin & anti-inflammatory powers.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars! Shared by Bess Harrington

A post workout smoothie that is like having dessert for breakfast :) A Carrot Cake Smoothie! Perfect on the ♥ Tone It Up Nutrition Plan ~ Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, raw & delicious!