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pre-columbian terracotta heads & figurines own collection

My own collection. A part of the Pre-columbian Maya heads and figurines came from a collection from the Dutch adventurer/explorer prof. dr. Anthonie Stolk. He claimed he had discovered an ancient city of the Chibcha indians in the Amazon jungle.

Nazca vessel

stone shell

pre columbian whistle

Lambayeque brownware vessel. Naymlap libation vessel from the North Coast of Peru. "Lord Naymlap" is the mythological founder of the pre-Chimu dynasty of the Sican-Lambayeque culture of Northern Peru. He is identified as having a human face with slanted eyes and tattoos. He is often surrounded by other figures representing his descendants - the "children of Naymlap". Incised lines and dots under his eyes are tears; symbolic of rain.

Chimu silbador whistle vessel

Chimu blackware vessel with a man on a fish

Chimu blackware lama vessel

Chimu double stirrup sprout vessel

Chimu double stirrup sprout vessel (2)


pre columbian stone idol

pre columbian shaman

Nazca vessel

Chimu molded blackware vase

Colimo terracotta bowl

Lambayeque brownware vessel

Lambayeque blackware double stirrup vessel

Inca blackware vessel with bump

Chimu molded blackware vase

Chimu molded blackware vase 3

Chimu molded blackware vase 2

Chimu blackware vessel with notches

Chimu blackware sprout vessel with monkey

Chimu blackware lama vessel

Chimu double stirrup sprout vessel 1