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Tea Strainers & Infusers | Fortnum and Mason

what the hell is this?

  • Alexis Mahoney

    That's what I assumed but doesn't it need more holes?

  • Andrea Green (

    Maybe it's just a pretty tea ball and not a practical one? :)

  • Dan Bolton

    Sterling silver tea ball. We are researching a story for Tea Magazine on tea balls. If you have interesting designs (weird or otherwise) send us a photo at and I will try to use it with the story. Nothing plastic, this story is about the silversmiths and craftspeople from long ago and now who make tea balls and infusers, the silver Sharky is my favorite so far, you can see it on the board. It won a prize for design by the Argentine artist Pablo Matteoda.

  • Victoria Owen

    Although I'm against "restraining" tea (ha! pun), I have to admit this is lovely!

  • Ambelleina

    Mmm, tomato-flavored tea? No thanks.

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Infuser is too small.


  • chana

    This is really awful. (Says the woman who has a cup warmer with a ducky on it....)

  • Carly Reese

    Bet u can taste the yummy yellow rubber

  • Tony Gebely

    haha probably. mmmm rubbery tea :-)

not enough room for tea to expand.

  • Ambelleina

    This one is just terrifying. Blood-flavored tea, now?

not enough room for tea to expand.

  • Verity Fisher

    Oh Tony, I so agree with you. I'm loving this board of yours.

  • May King Tsang

    It might be good for teas that don't expand, perhaps? Makes me smile though and I love things that make me smile :o)

not enough room for tea to expand