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Yoga Sequence That Burns MEGA Calories! Do it as many times as you can.

How to Stretch Your Lower Back and Hips. Best for people with crazy sciatic nerve pain....

Grounded Wide Squat to Ease Your Tight Hips and Lower Back

Bottoms Up WORKS: LEGS Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent. Bend forward from hips and place elbows on knees with palms together [A]. Straighten legs [B], then bend knees. Do 10 reps.

The Rockettes Long, Lean Legs Workout

If you want pancake-flat, carved-up lower abs and a razor-sharp V-cut, consider The Lower Abs Trifecta your little secret weapon. Comprised of 3 different ab exercises back-to-back, it'll absolutely demolish your lower abs and leave you sore for days. That's exactly what we want -- hyperaccelerated growth.

UberExercise -- The Lower Abs Trifecta [Abs] - Lean It UP

Tone Your Arms--in 10 Minutes! Show off sleek, sexy arms in 4 weeks with this targeted routine

Tone Your Arms—In 10 Minutes!

From Flat to Full in 30 Days (Without Weights)

HOW TO GET STRONGER These yoga poses will help you get in shape and get stronger. Yoga's really easy and relaxing, try it!

Tara Stiles yoga workout to build strength at home - Chatelaine

Check out the snacks you can enjoy and still get that flat tummy.

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body…

Yoga is excellent for relaxation AND weight loss! Check out 9 Yoga Moves for Weight Loss (video tutorials included). #yoga #weightloss

Intensely fast cardio workout! burns more calories then a 30 minute run and only takes 4 minutes!

Melissa Bender Fitness: 30 Day Challenge: Day 19: Thigh Thinner Workout. Workout for the thighs, glutes, and legs.

For best results do a workout of 3 sets of 12 reps every two days for each of these 5 exercises.

Thigh Thinner- (This is killerly awesome!) Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes out, holding 10-15 pound kettlebell at chest. Lift left heel off floor, then squat (as shown). Return to start. Switch sides; repeat. Continue, alternating sides, for 1 minute.

4 SIMPLE exercises to have your body burning fat day and night.

4 types of squats daily - and a nicer butt in 2 weeks. Starting this today!

Top 10 moves for killer arms with out hurting your wrists. Buh bye fatty arms ;)