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YouTube: Just the facts… Lowell Area Consultant says it is more evident today than ever, the 21st century is a visual world and YouTube is a the center with 490 million users.

2012: YouTune in numbers… YouTube has grown to be the most highly acclaimed video website in the internet. There is no doubt that it is dominating the online video scene by the numbers, with over 800 million unique visitors every month and more than 4 billion videos watched everyday worldwide.

The History of Advertising on YouTube… YouTube, the world’s most popular video-viewing platform, sees 2 billion hits per day. Fortunately, the Google-owned company has figured out a few ways to monetize all of those video views.

The History of Advertising on YouTube [INFOGRAPHIC]

YouTube Killed TV… The golden age of TV is already long gone. Today all major TV services stream their content online and viewers have more power to choose from than ever. The death warrant of TV was signed with the emergence of the Internet, in particular with the flourishing of one company that was the embodiment of its destruction: YouTube.

YouTube: 6 Years and Counting… Video giant YouTube has been around just over 6 years, and to date 35 hours of content is uploaded every minute. Talk about some serious adoption of their software! Everyone from music stars, to broadcast channels, corporations to small mom and pop shops, teenagers to little old men sitting in nursing homes have uploaded videos to YouTube. You can find professionally recorded skits, to spur of the moment cell phone videos.