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The Tomb of Lady Catherine Grey (1540 - 1568) and Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford (1539-1621) Salisbury Cathedral. The younger sister of Lady Jane Grey, Catherine was a granddaughter of Henry VIII's sister Mary, and a potential successor to her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, but incurred Elizabeth's wrath by her secret marriage to Edward Seymour, 1st Earl of Hertford.

William Wallace - Stirling, Scotland Enjoyed Stirling and the Castle we needed two trips to try and get to everything. So we went again a few years later.

Otzi, the Ice Man of the Alps who was discovered in 1991. His mummy, created by having been covered with glacial ice shortly after his death, is the oldest known human skin ever discovered – 5,300 years old – and it is tattooed. Otzi has 59 separate tattoos. Oetzi is a far distant cousin as we belong to the mtDNA group K.

Princess Diana - My twelvth cousin three times removed

Fleance my 28th great grandfather

Louis I 'The Pious', Emperor, son of Charlemagne & Hildegard - 31st great grandfather

Brian Boru-aka Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig, King Of Ireland 28th great grandfather.

Photos in Photos of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland

Magna Carta-my ancestors were the signers of this.

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Marcus Antonius "Mark Antony" - 48th great grandfather

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St. Beggue of Austrasia-36th great grandmother

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St. Margaret of Scotland, (1050?-1093) Patroness of Mothers; Queen of Scotland “When [Margaret] spoke, her conversation was with the salt of wisdom. When she was silent, her silence was filled with good thoughts. So thoroughly did her outward bearing correspond with the staidness of her character that it seemed as if she has been born the pattern of a virtuous life” (Turgot, St. Margaret’s confessor).

Chwangu, Hsiung-nu, Princess of China 66th great grandmother

Photos in Photos of 顓渠閼氏 Chwangü
  • Patti Elliott Di Loreto

    This is an interesting branch from the usual line-up of royal ancestors one finds on Pinterest! Cool!

  • Vicki Thomas

    Yeah not only that but Emperor Wu Han. And I am a blue eyed blonde.

Prophet Muhammad of Islam (PBUH)- 46th great grandfather

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Geni - Photos in Photos of 孝武皇帝 Emperor Wu of Han 劉徹(十) Liu Che- 67th great grandfather

Photos in Photos of 漢孝武皇帝 劉徹(十)

Hedwige, Princess of the Germans-28th great grandmother

Photos in Photos of Hedwige of Saxony

Hugues le Grand, duc des Francs

Saint Balthild, Abbess of Chelles-36th great grandmother

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