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I completed the 30 day squat challenge so I'm going to continue with this new challenge

Upper-Body Hand Weight Workout (emphasis on shoulders)

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The Killer Leg Workout from You will definitely feel this!! #legs #workout #fitness

Carve crazy definition with this free weight leg workout! The best dumbbell exercises for your legs from! #workout #legs

Sumo Squats-Face a rail-hip level-hold on for support-Spread legs-lift up as high on your toes as you can-Keep arms straight-chest up-lower into a wide-legged squat- stay on toes-Keep hips at knee level-pull back with your arms-lift up one inch-then lower down one inch-pulse 40 times before standing.

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30 day fit challenge, gotta start working out

OUCH. but amazing.. Leg, Butt & Inner & Outer Thigh Workout (while watching tv)

Exercise Routine. Easy And Affordable...

Love this so much!

Full body workout broken down by body parts