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The Dish

The Dish is a regular feature run in the Toronto Star, and now on Pinterest. Are your favourite foods good for you, or not? Check back to find out!

The grilled salmon sandwich from Buster’s Sea Cove at the St. Lawrence Market seems a healthy choice. Is it?

The Dish: Buster’s Sea Cove | Toronto Star

Holy Chuck Burgers is known for their outrageous fare. Can you guess how many calories are in their signature burgers? #food #health

A special #WorldCup edition of #TheDish includes bean tostadas.

The Dish: A special World Cup edition | Toronto Star

In response to a 2013 The Dish column, Urban Herbivore reduced their monstrous muffins to a “muffie.”

#TheDish on the Sushi Shop Lobster & Co. sushi pizza: enjoy once a month.

We have #TheDish on hot chocolate, and the nutritional information may surprise you.

At 440 calories for a one-inch slice, it's wise to stop at just one serving of the Costco yule log. #TheDish

Pizza Pide’s lahmacun best split three ways: #TheDish on this Turkish takeout.

What's for lunch? #TheDish was shocked by how much fat six Thai Sweet Chili wings from Real Sports contain.

What does The Dish have to say about the popular veggie platter from Lahore Tikka House? #Health #lunch

If you're a fan of alcopops, we hate to spoil your party, but... The Dish reviews alcoholic coolers.

Good news from The Dish: Vegan salad at Hibiscus as healthy as it looks. #diet