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Great comprehension strategies for students who read fluently but don't have good comprehension

Expository Writing Hooks Anchor Chart

Oreo plate tectonics! This is such a creative way to teach students about the concept of the Earth's shifting layers. This would be a great focus activity to get students excited about learning how the movement of the Earth's plates can cause earthquakes to occur. In my unit, this would be a great way to talk about the globe and the fact that continents and oceans both have layers that move!

Simple past-tense regular and irregular verb anchor chart

Students list abstract nouns which they will use later to generate concrete images. An Original Writer's Notebook Lesson from Corbett

This free resource has a huge collection of different printable paper templates! Download them for free!

Life in the America colonies was rough. Most people died on the first attempts to establish settlements in the late 1600's early 1700's... There were 3 main areas in Colonial America. They were the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. My ancestors came to America in 1620 - 1630, the other half already lived here (Native Americans). I couldn't be more American if I tried.

All you need to know about the Alamo - Infographic {San Antonio, Texas}

Condensed milk painting. It doesn't drip, and leaves behind a shiny, glossy picture!