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All things dead...

All things GORY.

Scene from a body farm. A body farm is a research insititution for the study of the taphonomy of the human organism. Corpses are left exposed to the elements and other milieus in various ways as to gain insight in the process of human decomposition. These are forensic studies mainly in order to determine exact times of death of bodies in criminal cases.

Dead child with open eyes. Tintype, circa 1862, post mortem photographs were a regular occurrence

ronald goldman the male victim of oj simpson case

Suicide by ingesting hydrochloric acid.

Mara Salvatrucha aka Ms 13 is a South American street gang centered out of El Salvador. They have a major presence throughout California, especially in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. They are know for their horrific acts of violence.

Face Ripped Apart by Bear

Bear Eats Face off Man: Man Lives | Best Gore


man sticks hands on electric stove to "burn the devil" out of him. guy was blasted out of his mind on PCP.

What happens when you hold a firecracker.. this individual will more than likely lose those fingers


Body Farm, 2000-2001, Sally Mann

The typical hanging death involves tightening of a ligature. Petechiae have been described on the oral mucosa, base of tongue, and epiglottis. Tongue protrusion between clenched teeth is a common but unspecific finding in a typical hanging death.

Not pretty

Skeleton of a woman and foetus, who both died during the mothers pregnancy

In 2003 this man jumped or fell 35' over an interstate rail to escape police and got decapitated on the fence. Wrought Iron Fence Decapitation

Gunshot to the head pressurized his eyeball.