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horrific | Horrific Injuries After A Man Is Dragged Behind A Car

Horrific Injuries After A Man Is Dragged Behind A Car


tim mclean remains after being eaten by a Chinese man on a bus in Canada.

This is the Buckley Family. The children were Susan and John. As a Halloween joke, the kids in the neighborhood were going to get a dummy and pretend to chop its head off. The Buckley children thought it would be hilarious to actually murder their mother, so when the kids walked up the the door, they got an axe and slaughtered her. Once everyone figured out what they had really done the kids were long gone. The only picture of them was this photo, taken by a trick or treater.......

"Suicide by electrocution. Although uncommon, this victim wired his left ankle as well as a ring around the left thumb(as seen here). The path of the current in this case involved the heart and the assumable cause of death was ventricular fibrillation."

The soul is bone : Photo

Man is conscious after being cut in half. THIS IS HORRIBLE.

Man is conscious after being cut in half @ WTF Pics

He murdered his girl-friend who cheated on him. Then he dismembered her body at the bathroom, captured her dismembered body on his mobile phone camera and sent the image with the SMS to his friend.


the soup

Dead babies can be purchased in Taiwan for 70 US dollars for being used as grilled delicacies.There is no need to rub your eyes or think that this article is some kind of sick joke.You have to be kidding right? Unfortunately this is really happening!The Next Magazine, a weekly publication from Hong

MooreNewsReports: Some Chinese Eat Dead Baby Soup for Strength

Boat propeller accident

Shark attack

Autopsy of obese woman.

A Chinese couple were having sex against their largebay living room window when the window gave out from behind them causing them to fall 5 stories onto the concrete below. They both sustained extensive and serious internal damage which lead to their deaths. A bike was parked at the bottom of the apartment complex breaking their fall and a bunch of bones, too!

Chinese Couple Fall Out Their 5 Story Apartment Window - Images

This happened in China: guy in white is chewing on the other guy's arm and leg; no one is helping because there's a law in China, that says the rescuer can be liable for medical bills of the person that was rescued. So instead everybody just stood and watched. (DB) GIF

A man high on meth, thought he had a third eye, actually plucked out his own eye, with the optic nerve attached.

What the fuck for real???

Oral Cancer

Gunshot wound to Heart

Firearm Injuries | Forensic Pathology Online

A Man is Killed and Stuffed in a Suitcase to Rot

A Man is Killed and Stuffed in a Suitcase to Rot | Best Gore

well, damn....

My goodness

NECRON: ドアからチラ見

15-Year-old Girl Burned to Death by Her Father for Talking on the Cell Phone

He is still texting!

Documenting Reality