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Put candy inside the balloons and have the kids throw darts. I have one word for this idea: "Liability".

I'd cry too if someone made me wear that sweater.

Being a fucking Bridezilla. I don't care how much stress you're under. You're planning a wedding. NOTHING about that entitles you to be a bitch to the people around you. It's not cute, it's not classy, and BELIEVE ME, your friends are talking about you behind your back. So grow up, princess, or risk pissing off your friends and family for years to come. High maintenance girls are boring and tend to be tossed off after a few years.

Long fake ass nails. First, how do you get anything of value done in a day? Second, I don't care if you scrub for thirty minutes. You KNOW there's poo under there.

Eewww! Go wash your hands!

tim tebow. i think he's a pompous douche bag.

  • Jeremy Akins

    I couldn't agree with you more. Probably has a stash of kiddy porn.

  • T. P.

    Ha! Ha! You're probably right!

Is she thanking the bird for doing her hair???

  • Sara Mosier

    That's hair? I thought someone had finally photographed Bigfoot.

Is she trying to sink to the bottom of the ocean with that necklace? Jewelry FAIL.

pickle nails.... ewwwwwww!!! Nice warts on your nails.

Where's PETA when you need them?

But "Divorce" gives you 12 points and you still get to use the ring!

It's not cool to dress cats up. They will seek revenge.

Except heroin. Nice job, Kate.

Um, okay. If you need to be told...