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wild animals (we need more)

James Flamingo. Tommy's Fun Fact: The James flamingo was thought to have been extinct until a remote population was discovered in 1956!

50 Amazing Animal Photos - Tuts+ Photo & Video Article

Northern Harrier and a Snowy Owl, by Duke Coonrad 2012 Photo Awards Top 100 | Audubon Magazine

2012 Photo Awards Top 100 | Audubon Magazine

Southern Carmine Bee-eaters. Carmine Bee-eaters are social birds breeding in colonies on river banks and foraging out over open country. They are attracted to bush fires and hawk around the edges; their Mandinka name (in The Gambia) means 'cousin to the fire.' This species occurs across sub-equatorial Africa.

Thousands of starlings surround a lone bird of prey which had had swooped down to pick off a straggler. "Starlings have a very particular way of defending themselves from their predators like falcons and harriers. They form a large tightly packed flock and mob their enemy, scaring it off, frequently expanding and contracting and changing shape."

Pictures of the day: 6 December 2010 - Telegraph