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Heart Shaped Rocks

Such a cute idea - collect heart-shaped rocks and display them in glass jar. Now if only I can find a jar with the word "love" etched on it!

  • Tracie Conley

    Your lucky I only have 2 but they are great ones. One is a piece of Pumice from a volcano in Tonga and the other is small and white and a perfect heart shape. My grandfather gave it to me. I think there's an art to finding them, my grandfather found tons and decorated the backyard with them. Thanks for sharing .... You should take pics and post pins of them.

  • Kristal Mac Leod

    YES' I WOULD SHOW SOME but I Do not know how to put up a photo ?

  • Kristal Mac Leod

    bba- Soon -T- You'

  • Tracie Conley

    Take pics with phone. Create board on Pinterest . Use plus symbol and add from existing photos and pin to your board. Hope that helps I'm rotten on instructions

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