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Scoop ice cream into mason jars. Then, just keep the mason jars on ice. I like this idea!

Wizard of Oz birthday party... I'm in LOVE!!! LOVE! LOVE!!! is there a way to tie this fabulousness into a Wicked party? I'd be all over that!


Use a cookie cutter and sprinkles to decorate any cake. This is just brilliant!

Balloons and Tissue Paper Flowers displayed in a cluster gives a very attractive party feel. This is so easy to create and inexpensive too!

Pop Rocks mixed with Sprinkles = Firecracker Frosting for Cupcakes or Cookies. Perfect surprise for the Fourth of July!

Cake sizes & servings. Good to know

Birthday kid gets a ballon avalanche when he/she opens the door in the AM. I like this better than the plastic one!

Hay bale sofas. Such a great idea! For outdoor parties or wedding!

Glam up those tacky birthday candles with glue, sequins and glitter!! Genius!!! #diy

Punch Box. A great alternative to a pinata. Each box has a prize.... Love this idea!