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Joe Breeze Becton of F.I.N.A.O. Ink in North Providence RI brought this idea to life

I love this design! I'm thinking about getting this on my right shoulder with the pieces going down my arm.

Autism awareness, "Finding Nemo" style :)

Autism awareness tattoo :)

Newly done tattoo. Meaning I love u in ASL with Autism and Green for Cerbral Palsy. Represents my son.

Totally going to talk my brother into getting this! He would ROCK it!

tattoo honoring children with autism ♥

Rainbow tattoo.....going to make the little girl into a boy and have it put on my hip for Ethan! The colors of our puzzle piece! Autism Awareness!!! He loves his balloons!

Via Ink4Autism Nov 16, 2013 - Sent in by Brooke Snyder "My mother/autism tattoo for my son Hunter. Some by Michael Attire of Screaming Crow- Pittsburgh PA." Visit Ink4Autism

This may not be beautiful to you, but to me it embraces my son. I found this tatoo online. Darth Vader is light sabering an autism puzzle piece revealing a Lego. This was for his son, but has capture mine perfectly.

Autism tattoo

A friends asked me to draw a butterfly for autism Tattoo. Here it is. Hope you all like it!

The Autism tattoo I got in honor of my son.

Autism tattoo idea

Autism tattoo

Sent it by Steampunk Tattoo in State College, PA. Their 1st autism tattoo for the month and its a beautiful one! Thanks!

Autism tattoo

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs and Meanings

30 Digital Autism and Autism tattoo Designs With Meanings

Care Bear autism tattoo :)