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Crazy Quilting, Beading, Embroidery 2 . . .

As I have found more and more beautiful examples of crazy quilting by numerous extremely talented people, I have decided to open more boards to accomodate my CQ pins. It will make it easier to scroll through the pins quickly, if you wish to repin them . . . I have been trying to separate light and dark blocks into separate boards, whenever possible.

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . I am absolutely not a quilt maker, and at 82, my embroidery skills are deteriorating, but my daughter loved her wall hanging.~By Katie Redd, ~Posted in CQMagOnline

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . Little Heart with Victorian Colors! I completed a this heart for my CQ'er friend Lydia. I made 7x7" block heart to have more area to embellish, I didn't make complicated patches so I applied seam treatments and SRE work more easily. I used Victorian colors and selected neat color, small size oyas. ~By Rengin Kutbay Yazitas

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . This block was used in an auction quilt last year in Omaha. It was made in honor of our friend Dee from the Netherlands who lost her battle with breast cancer. ~by Lisa Thoma Caryl

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I ❤ embroidery . . . Star ~By Treasures Nath

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Scenes from my Porch ~By Vicky Tobin

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . My work on Cobi's block. NOT the crochet item, that is done by another member of the group. I made the basket with flowers, the stem-stitch roses with the spider in his web. I added beads to the seam on the left & the button with the mother of pearl heart in it at the end of the dark red velvet trim. ~By Ati, Norway

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . Pansy 4- Stitching top and right of the pansy is one of my signature stitches - think I shall just use it in varying colours to finish. ~By LindaB

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . I've been taking a basic CQ class on STITCHMAP. The class has us making a thread holder, a pin cushion & a needle holder. The thread holder focuses on seam treatments & embroidered motifs. The pin cushion on beading, & the needle holder on SRE.This is the thread holder. I made the spider web with DMC metalic thread. I hope to add some beading when I complete the beading lesson. ~By Cynthia, So Many Needles

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Dark Dusty BLOCK THREE - This is how the block looks complete or at least complete for now. Once I join them together who knows what I may add. ~By Lorraine Stobie, Creative Daily

Creative Daily: Dark Dusty
  • Norma Best

    I recently bought a storage locker full of material, mostly crazy quilt material. Looking forward to making my first crazy quilt this winter. I probably have enough to make crazy quilts the rest of my life.

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . Dark Dusty BLOCK 4 FINAL- This is the final result of block 4! Since the top was quite heavily stitched with the background applique I decided to keep the other stitching on the block somewhat simpler. ~By Lorraine Stobie, Creative Daily

Creative Daily: Dark Dusty

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . Dark Dusty BLOCK 5 FINAL- This is the final of block 5 of my Dark Dusty. I've carried the embellished lace applique from block 4. ~By Lorraine Stobie, Creative Daily

Creative Daily: BLOCK 5 FINAL

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . I can guarantee that if you join in round robins you will eventually have a block arrive with colors that will make you gasp! I will share a few with you. I know my comfort zone, pastels & muted colors, & I wrap these colors like a quilt right up to my ears. Bright intense color makes me edgy & I find it difficult to work on. But once I do get them & finish them, they have often become my most favorite blocks. Loved this block when I finished. ~By olderrose

  • Karen Griska Quilts

    Sondra, I love your crazy quilt blocks and your Pinterest boards. Could you tell me why you have multiple boards with the same topic? Does that help improve your search engine rankings? I'm having a great time with Pinterest, but I have a lot to learn. Thanks so much. Karen

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Purple Gypsy CQ Bag ~By Nath

Petit sac gypsie violet

I ❤ crazy quilting & embroidery . . . Crazy Quilt sewing purse/chatelaine ~By Pat Winter (repinned via Pat Winter)

Pin by Patricia Winter on Crazy Quilting | Pinterest

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & ribbon embroidery . . . Block for Sharon's class. A design problem I see on blocks... There will be 2 strong focal points competing with each other... The solution is an easy one... make them unequal by building one up & reducing the effect of the other. Adding additional embellishing to the purple rose & giving it a prime position nearer the center makes it the dominant focal point. ~By olderrose

olderrose: Block for Sharon's class - motif issue

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . srecq 013 ~By DebiDesigns

I ❤ crazy quilting, beading & embroidery . . . Purple Cellphone Pouch- When one wakes up at 2 in the morning, one finds themselves with a lot of stitching time! I completed the stitching on my purple cellphone pouch. ~By Kitty and Me

I ❤ crazy quilting & ribbon embroidery . . . This is Judy's block. I added the purple irises in silk ribbon on the lower left and a button trail to the right of that. I added six dragonfly charms, a butterfly bead and a bee charm to the rest of the stitching.