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Help us take a stand against bullying by taking the pledge to #CutTheBull~ Kids with physical disabilities are twice as likely to be bullied. At Shriners Hospitals for Children®, we get to know thousands of patients who are coping with orthopedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, burns, or cleft lip or palate. And it breaks our heart to think they may be subjected to abuse when they return to school.

Take the Pledge to #CutTheBull - The Petition Site

PLEASE READ & SHARE~ 'Spice' is a deadly ingredient~ Family of teen who died after smoking synthetic pot warns others to stay away from the powerful and unpredictable drug. Loved ones of 19-year-old Connor Eckhardt, look on as a helicopter carrying Connor's heart flies off from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach on Thursday

'Spice' is a deadly ingredient

ESPN, Reprimand Panelist Who Implied Battered Women Provoke Beatings~ The NFL punished Ravens running back Ray Rice with a 2-game suspension after he allegedly knocked his fiance unconscious. But then ESPN panelist Stephen A. Smith responded by advising battered women not to provoke their abusers.

Congress: Pass Expanded Background Checks~ A gaping hole in our laws allows criminals and others to go to private sellers at gun shows, on the internet, and elsewhere to buy guns with no background check, no questions asked. More than 90% of Americans say that they support fixing the criminal background check system for gun sales by getting the names of everyone who isn't allowed to buy a gun into the background check system, and providing a background check for every gun purchase,

Congress: Pass Expanded Background Checks - The Petition Site

URGENT~ Add Labels to Genetically Modified Food Products!The reason as to why Americans should know what they are eating & what products have GMOs is because of studies tested on rats and the effects on them when put on a "GM (gentically modifed) Diet." The test showed that rats developed mammary tumors and severe liver & kidney damage as early as four months in males and seven months in females. Now imagine when you are eating foods that cause this to rats.

  • Adele E.

    It's too late. Monsanto owns the patent on all the seeds in the United States. Even if you are eating organic, the seeds are still GMO'd. :(

Vote With Your Wallet: Go GMO-Free~ It's about time Monsanto & its sister companies learned it's rude to play with our food. Our government has yet to ban GMO products, but we can vote with our wallets by refusing to buy GMO products. If enough of us eliminate GMO foods from our diets, we have a shot at getting rid of GMOs in America once & for all.

  • Adele E.

    Sorry Sondra but GMO is here to stay. Monsanto owns the patents on every single seed in the United States. All vegetables, grain, fruits have been seed modified, even organic. It's a losing battle. :(

  • Sondra Sweeney

    Adele E.~ Really, you will just lay down and play dead ??? Who told you Organic seeds are all GMO ???

Sign the petition and tell Congress: Pass the "Saving America's Pollinators Act" to protect our bees and food supply! Nearly 70 percent of Iowa's precious bees were too sick, poisoned by toxic agricultural pesticides produced by Bayer & Monsanto -- to survive this winter's frigid temperatures. Colony Collapse Disorder is a worldwide catastrophe, & what comes next is even worse. A quarter of everything we eat, from apples to watermelon, depends on bee pollination. Our food supply is at risk!

PETITION TO CONGRESS: The Supreme Court Just Eliminated The Fifth Amendment. We are appalled by the recent SCOTUS decision to gut the Fifth Amendment. We call on our lawmakers to pass legislation to re-establish our right to remain silent and require law enforcement to spread word of this awful change in the meantime.

Tell Congress to Protect the Future of Renewable Energy~ The Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit is an incentive by the U.S. federal government that gives companies generating power from wind or geothermal energy a tax break for the first 10 years of operation.

Tell Congress to Support the Centennial Initiative for National Parks!~ On March 4, 2014, President Obama unveiled a proposed budget for the next fiscal year, which would increase funding for our national parks by $664 million as part of a new multi-year Centennial Initiative to prepare parks for the Park Service's 100th anniversary in 2016. This funding is an important step towards keeping parks open & operational after several years of cuts & declining funds

10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out in the Cold – and Die~ About 700 a year in the United States. The solution seems obvious: their lives would be saved if they slept in the warmth of a homeless shelter. But there aren’t enough shelter beds to go around, & some of the beds that do exist come with very unappealing strings attached:

PLEASE SHARE THIS PHOTO. Demarrio Williams is a 17-year-old autistic boy from Canton. He is missing. His family and Canton Police are asking for your help in finding him, especially in the present weather conditions.

HELP SAVE OUR BEES~ Join us in calling on your Representative to take action to protect pollinators! Contact Congress and the EPA

Demand new MS clinical trials to find critical breakthroughs and treatments! - More than 2.1 million people worldwide live with multiple sclerosis - a chronic, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. We need to propel research forward by testing new therapies, funding studies to understand how experimental treatments may work, and increasing the number of trials to stop MS in its tracks, restore the function that's been lost and end the disease forever.