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Oh to have the most beautiful trash can in the neighborhood... that's not my thing. This is cool though. What do you think?

JukeBox Seeburg-Symphonola-Trash Can

my new trash can

I recycle, but my recycling system isn't nearly this organized or pretty! I love that ordinary trash cans are used to create an organization station for my recyclables.

trash can

Patio Trash Can

Wookie trash can

:) I don't know if our trash company would let us do this. We'd have to purchase our own trash can. **I need this immediately! We're such SW nerds here!**

Trash Can?

Perdeco Trash can

"The is not a trash can (We are recycling manure) Thank you!" [Port Orleans Riverside Resort.]

@Nick Bobbs LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. It would be great to get all the pails off the floor in the nursery, might even be able to fit a small trash can too.

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