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Cut the Clutter

De-cluttering wisdom we come across while researching options to reduce and refuse new stuff - Free up space for what really matters.

Stop junk mail with PaperKarma, a free app that'll detach you from unwanted mail, saving trees, money, carbon, and your time.

Stop Junk Mail With PaperKarma

CDs and DVDs can be recycled at Best Buy. If you're worried about the data on them, just scratch them up! Read the adventures of An Exacting Life and how they found this easy waste solution.

Grrr, CDs Burn Me Up!

Have a few too many ornaments hanging around? Make a vintage ornament wreath.

recycled vintage ornament wreath DIY | Close2myArt

Label your glass drink bottles to store your everyday items.

Upcycled Glass Soda Bottles

At Nefotlak there's a tutorial for a hair station/organizer made of jars and knobs.

nefotlak.: goob's room - upcycled jar hair station

Two tall bookshelves on their sides make great benches with built-in storage underneath.

IHeart Organizing: Playroom Progress: A Bunch of Baskets!

Here's a tutorial for upcycling an old shutter into a pin board organizer.

Giddy Greetings: DIY Upcycle An Old Shutter

An old spice rack can make a lovely button storage shelf for the craft room.

  • Monica Bostich

    I'm going to use this same idea, but next to my desk for little things like paper clips, thumbtacks, mechanical pencil leads, etc. Whatever will fit!

  • Trash Backwards

    Great idea, Monica!