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Giving is a vital act, a necessity even for our mental health. This article explains why.

Ever wanted to figure out how to give more and feel the good that comes of it? Here's a little film that shows you what giving really looks like.

Here's a heart-warming lesson in giving from a 6-year-old foster child.

Gift economies flourish when we believe that everyone has something to give. A shift in consciousness from scarcity to abundance can change the world.

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    And these are all things which often would not be sold in charity/thrift/op shops.

Too many books? You could always set up a pop-up front porch free bookstore. It helps build community.

Put on a perfect Buy Nothing birthday for your kid. The feel-good results for all might just outweigh the cost benefit.

Introducing The Buy Nothing Project: A little movie about a little island gift economy that's bringing a community together.

Have you ever considered doing 365 days of giving? The rewards will outweigh the effort.

What's trash philanthropy? Helping others with your trash. You can help make a world of a difference while reducing mountains of trash.

Your children's books can do some good. Help increase literacy around the world by donating your books or a few dollars to give kids a boost.

Start an annual holiday free gift boutique and discover the virtues of a gift economy.

Send your used up pens to the Pen Guy so he can meet his million pen goal.

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of 5,026 groups with 8,873,555 members around the world. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Join up, or start one in your community today!

Donate your dress-up wigs, or even a real one, to a local theater or children's group. You'll bring joy to many.

Start your own local garden & kitchen gift economy - Bainbridge Barter hosts open potlucks every Saturday morning in a public park. Each person comes with a basketful of their own surplus and leaves with a basketful of food for the coming week. Click through for details or to ask for help starting your own group.

Here's a gift economy gone haywireless idea: Scoop up after your dog (use a bio bag, of course) and turn that into a deposit that brings free WiFi to your city park...Thanks to the Atlantic for bringing this to our attention.

This brand new video, if it's for real, is a bit of gift economy in action, young Brit style. Gift your stuff, go on, don't be shy. It could change your life.

Donate your wireless device to Greenest Genius and help a child in need.

There are at least 19 great things you can do with your old towels, including donating them to a pet shelter.

Plastic magic at Oh So Happy Together with these flowers made from plastic bottles.

Donate your soap to Clean the World so others can have healthy hygiene.

This is a matter of simply giving your time, or your child's time, to read a book. We Give Books enables anyone with access to the Internet to read free children's books and put them in the hands of children who don't have them, simply by reading online. Visit them online and read a book while you're there.

Gift your bottle caps? Well, if you just don't have time to craft them into cool things and can't recycle your caps in your area, you could always send them to Caps Can Do. They'll make new products out of them.