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Penny Tees

Penny Tees are t-shirts featured in kids' show iCarly. They're always cool, and occasionally vaguely rude.

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Myself and Josh Olek from @idolthreat at the 2012 SYN Awards (accepting an award!) in my Bana Microphone Penny Tee.

Creativity Lasers - it's my own Penny Tee!

Penny Tees: includes Quirky Chowder, Pudding Patrol, Butter Me Queasy, South Frogspit, Bettle Squeeze, Dirty Shirty, and others #icarly #nickelodeon

Scuba Donkey, Fries Matter, Dirty Shirty, Chest Words #icarly #nickelodeon

Quirky Chowder, Dirty Shirty, South Frogspit, Pudding Patrol #icarly #nickelodeon

Electric Ham, Fries Matter, Chest Words, Rubber Toast #icarly #nickelodeon