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"Japan’s first robot buddy cop movie, a silent film released in 1919, was shown only once, to an assembly of wealthy land owners in Tokyo. When the film ended, the audience demand for affordable giant robots to work their fields and control the peasants was so insistent, emperor Hirohito had the only copy of the film impounded and destroyed to prevent the idea from capturing the public’s imagination."

In Hakodate, the battle rages on between alien squid from the planet Ikaaru and giant robots shaped like the city’s landmarks. In their latest offensive, the dastardly squid invaders have muscled their way into the trailer for “It’s on Me” (Watashi Dasuwa), a new film shot on location in Hakodate. The film, which debuts today at the Tokyo International Film Festival, is a low-key drama about a woman who returns to her hometown to spread the wealth she accumulated in Tokyo. Although the stor...

Chess is all well and good, but Joseph Larson was distraught by the lack of giant fighting robots in the ancient board game. He fixed that with his 3D-printable chess pieces that combine together to form a super-powered robot ala Voltron. Forget Kasparov and Deep Blue — this is the ultimate test for chess grand masters.

Giant Robot Head Kaleidoscope Continuation of a series- I'm just nuts about Robots......The head turns completely around. A color corrected AC light source lights the inside 2 object chambers. Turning the knobs change the image as well as the eyes (they function as teleidoscopes)

This is a good one from #RogerCormansCultClassics! It stars both Academy-Award Winner Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff! Yes! But it gets better: This wild adventure takes you through time and space as they battle giant robots, cavemen and amazons.

This film was released in the US as Light Years. It's by the creator of Fantastic Planet. It involves time travel and mutants and giant brains and evil robots. It's a real mind-bender.

I knew it was on the way. Looks like we got 3 years more to wait for giant @#$%ing robots!

This robot commando commercial from Ideal (1961) is almost a stereotype commercial of the times. Plus I love anything about giant robots.

Susumu Eguchi Illustration Poster for a children's science exhibition in the Tobu department store. From Graphis Annual 69/70. Giant robots make me very happy.

Johnny Socko and his GIANT Robot! - My introduction to Japanese robots and monsters from back in the '70s

Giant robots invade Montevideo!A 5min short movie directed and animated by Fede Alvarez.Prepare to be inspired!

I hate when giant robots invade and destroy my neighborhood, but nobody hates it as much as Dwayne.

Robots - Comrades of Steel. A retro-futurist Soviet propaganda poster featuring a giant communist robot. Created by Zachary Mallet (

The giant robots of Ready Player One, one of my favorite novels. I need that Mecha Godzilla.

Cars that turn into giant robots, what's not to love?

Is there anything cooler than Space ships. hmm.. OK yes giant robots.

Giant robot/sports stickers from e-glue. Wish they were just traditional robots...

Giant Robots Rules. T-Shirt with a lightly aged stytle

Giant killer robots are always black budget items. National security. Hush-hush. obvious choice in regards to battling off giant steampunk robots.

Giant Robots are 1 or 4,567,982 reasons why Japan is cooler than wherever you live...

Giant Robot Mosquito - No seriously. My only question is, does it suck energy from Giant Robots?