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We always have a jigsaw puzzle on the go. How about you? We love Springbok and Ravensburger jigsaw puzzles but we'll work any puzzle if the image appeals to us. If you're on Facebook we'd love to have you join the fun on our page of the same name. (

Quote O Graphs Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Pieces NEW. #monalisa #puzzles

Charles Wysocki's Americana 1000 piece Puzzles Lobster House by Hasbro. Love lobster! #charleswysocki #jigsawpuzzle

Here's a challenging three dimensional jigsaw puzle. It's by Wrebbit and is a Puzz 3D puzzle of Venice Italy with 1580 pieces. Love the subject matter!

Great Disney-themed image on a challenging Mickey Mouse Photomosaics jigsaw puzzle by Robert Silvers. #puzzles #mickeymouse

Here's the perfect puzzle to work while you're engrossed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer series. It's Ravensburger's WASGIJ? Soccer Madness 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It's available from Amazon by clicking on the picture. #worldcup #soccer #wasgij

Vintage puzzle map - love the style of it and the closeup image of California. #jigsawpuzzles #california

Smile and Wave: A Few of Their (My) Favorite Things

This lovely vintage 1989 jigsaw puzzle features a Norman Rockwell picture called The Country Pedlar. #normanrockwell #jigsawpuzzles

Items in Trishie's Treasures store on eBay!

RARE Ravensburger Special Edition 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features an image called Moonlight Serenade by artist Catherine Perdreau. It's a nice winter sleigh ride picture that is fun to work at Christmas or in the winter. #ravensburger #catherineperdreau #winter

RARE Ravensburger 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle features an image by Catherine Perdreau called Return to Noah's Ark. I love that it is set in winter and that the animals have on their winter hats and scarfs! I have this puzzle in my collection to work but haven't done so yet. #ravensburger #noahsark #catherinperdreau

Easter Bunny in a Muddle - Have a little fun putting back together this chocolate Easter bunny puzzle, made from 40 percent milk, high-cocoa white and caramel chocolate. #easterbunny #chocolate

Love this Easter egg hunt with a twist. You hide the puzzle pieces in plastic Easter eggs and then, once they have found all the eggs, they have to find all of the pieces to get the written clue. Brilliant. #jigsawpuzzles #easter

Easter Egg Puzzle Game

Adorable! This image is a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle by Sunsout and features the Easter bunny meeting a chocolate bunny. I think it would be a perfect gift at Eastertime. #chocolatebunny #easterbunny #jigsawpuzzle

New world's largest puzzle is this one from Educa called Wild Life with 33600 pieces. I looked and it is not yet available on or The size of the assembled puzzle will be just over 224 inches by 61 inches. Is this a puzzle you would tackle? #largest #jigsawpuzzles

Panda bear Photomosaics 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Perfect for puzzle fans who love pandas and animals. $34.95 with FREE shipping and handling. #photomosaics #jigsawpuzzles #panda

Items in Treasures By Brenda store on eBay!

Love this Jigsaw Puzzle fall arts and crafts project. #jigsawpuzzles #fallcrafts


Karlsson's Wall Clock features 17 jigsaw puzzle pieces so that you can create your own clock and the Amazon customer reviews make it sound like fun. #clocks #jigsawpuzzles

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