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I really should get awards like this more often...

Didn't Murder Anyone Today...



It took a while to sink in

Haha! A worthy goal!

French By Design: Wednesday quote!

I like to think I AM kind and compassionate...There are some people, however, who choose to have a pity party or gripe fest EVERYDAY, and THAT is when my "cup of care" is empty!!

You have 8 facial piercings, nipple rings, and tattoos covering 75% of your body. You don't get to cry when I state that I'm here to start your IV!

there would be a lot more skinnies in the world...tehe

Yeah, I'm too tires to do the work. Which will end up with you if you don't watch it.

hahahahahahahahaha....sorry im a GI nurse...

i was thinking I agreed with this but then I wonder what would happen without women for 5 days…yep never mind

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