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Cody Allen Christian- Gavin Grance- Gwen's younger brother

Elle Fanning-- Ginny Grance- Gwen's younger sister

Ming-Na Wen- Elaine Fey- wife of Luther, mother of Morgan, stepmother of Arthur.

ONE DAY I will buy a gorgeous cloche/hat from her. wanted for sooooo looonnngg!!! Vintage Spring in Brown made to order by yellowfield7 on Etsy, $380.00 (hats for Gwen)

"Rockers At Work" Just because you work in a office doesn't mean you cant still sport your Rocker edge that make you you. These are a few looks that mix rock classics like leather and studs with classic blazers and classic shapes together in a Business Chic way. (Gwen's Style)

Holland Roden- Mallory Pelleas- office manager at Camelot (Sir Pelleas)

Shemar Moore- Hector Maris- site manager for Camelot (Sir Hector de Maris)

Bianca Lawson- Bree Lenoir- Site manager- friends with Gwen, after she saved her from being run over by a cab. (Sir Breunor le Noir)

shawn and aaron ashmore- Marshall and Lucas Bedivere- site developers (Sirs Bedivere and Lucan)

Dylan O'Brien- Corbin Galahad- Intern for Camelot Land Development- works closely with Gwen on site matters- cousin of Lance Rivers (Sir Galahad)

Candice Accola- Alyson 'Aly' Mere- Site Manager for Camelot Land Development (Sir Alymere)

Paul Wesley- Lance Rivers- Site Manager for Camelot Land Development (Sir Lancelot)

Julian Morris- Will Merlin- Public Relations Rep. for Camelot Land Devlopment (Merlin)

Cher Lloyd-- Gwen Grance- Site Laision for Camelot Land Development (Gwenivere)

Chace Crawford- Arthur Pendragon- Land Developer for Camelot- creating subdivision of company called Excalibur (Arthur)

Keiko Kitagawa-- Morgan Fey- step daughter of Luther- Founder and CEO of Avalon Preservation and Restoration (Morgan le Fay)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan- Luther Pendragon- CEO of Camelot Land Development (Uther)

I write to find out what I didn't know I knew. - Robert Frost

Bwahahhahaha! Photography humor at its finest.

Simon Tam of Firefly. I just rewatched this episode today!

How to do a cool hair bow | hairstyles tutorial