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I TOLD you he was the best ever! *sob* Harsh

Some lessons need to be learnt

Doctor Who: TARDIS All Over Lounge Pants Don’t go to sleep without wearing these Doctor Who Pajama Pants. They are stylish and comfy. Not to mention timey-wimey. If the Doctor wore pajamas, these would be the ones he would choose. 100% Cotton.

Don't forget to notice the Reflection in the mirror is 8.5

What's that film that you love? Ladies and gentlemen... Our New DOCTOR!

Lego Doctor Who Police Box ....(previously "Dr.Who Phone Booth") oh the awesomenesses of this! :) [be sure to make any corrections needed before pinning anything, otherwise you may get comments like the ones below.]

A perfect summary of Doctor Who. And for life, a lovely reminder of the importance of childlike wonder. ♥

...Doctor Who .. :)...

11's first and last words....his goodbye speech was simply incredible. i was in tears.

Oh, Matt... I'll miss you.