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Glass Christmas Ornaments

Some of our favorite mouth blown hand painted Christmas ornaments from the stock at Includes selections for Merck Family's Old World Christmas, Inge-Glas of Germany, Varsovia, and Christopher Radko

Image Gallery > Gifts of Gardening Boxed Set of Christmas Ornaments Inge-Glas of Germany - Trendy Tree Unique gift for your favorite gardner! #trendytree #ingeglas

30% Off Glass Christmas Ornaments at Trendy Tree! Any size order - includes mouth blown, hand painted ornaments from Radko, Inge-Glas of Germany, Merck Family's Old World Christmas, Santa Klaus, and Varsovia (does not incude RAZ) See Trendy Tree Coupon Page for code and more details!

Grizzly Bear Christmas Ornament Inge-Glas of Germany 5" Mouth blown, hand painted European glass ornament made in Germany Brownish bear in standing position.

Puss in Boots 107309- Inge-Glas of Germany *Introduced2009* Dashing Puss in Boots, this ornament measures approximately 5".  This heirloom Christmas ornament is from the

Pablo Lizard Green Blue Copper Christmas Ornament 111712 Inge-Glas of Germany New for 2012 This ornament made of mouth blown, hand painted glass measures approximately 5"

Frosty Inspiration 1114009 - Inge-Glas of Germany *New for 2009* Frosty Inspiration Christmas Ornament is an adorable girl wearing a cap with her arms wrapped around a huge snowball. Ornament measures approximately 4 1/2". This heirloom Christmas ornament is from the "Innocent Hearts" collection from Inge and new for 2009. Remember innocent times, pure and honest hearts....Goodness and warm loving memories of days gone by....Inge-Glas has captured those special childhood moments in our

Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage measures approximately 4 1/2". This Christmas ornament is from the "Fairy Tales" collection from Inge and new for 2009. This ornament was created using the new "Life Touch" Life Touch is introduced by Inge-Glas, an amazing development adding to their colorful 400 year family history of German glass blowers; a classy new and innovative painting technique known as "Life Touch."

A Christmas Carol Boxed Set of 8 Heirloom Christmas Ornaments Makes a great family gift especially when present with a nice hardback copy of A Christmas Carol)))

Abracadabra Rabbit Christmas Ornament 102112 Inge-Glas of Germany Introduced 2012 This white bunny rabbit wearing a black top hat measures approximately 4". Perfect keepsake for the practicing magician)) See more heirloom mouth blown, hand painted Christmas ornaments from Inge-Glas of Germany at

For centuries all he clothing was laboriously made by hand using a needle and thread. Developed in 1790, then patented in 1846, the Sewing Machine promised relief from countless hours of hand labor. The Sewing Machine was named the "Queen of Inventions" in 1860, and has been in use ever since. See more unique Old World Christmas ornaments at

For centuries legends have claimed that chocolate had magical properties and that it instilled strength, health and passion in those who ate it. the exact origins of Chocolate Cream Pie are unknown, but all agree that the rich and creamy delicacy is delicious! All sorts of Pie ornaments at ....Lemon, Cherry, Blueberry

Celebrate the special talents of a favorite hair stylist with this beautiful glass ornament. It was carefully mouth-blown into a finely crafted mold. Then a hot solution of liquid silver was poured inside. Finally, the ornament was delicately hand painted with many brightly colored lacquers and glitters for you to enjoy! See hundreds of styles of Old World Christmas ornaments at

Sandwich Cookie Pie Christmas Ornament 32186 Merck Family's Old World Christmas **New for 2012** Measures approximately 2 " (Looks just like an Chocolate and Cream Oreo cookie with bite out of it....www.trendyt... $6.99