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Easter Picture with Rabbit

Decorating with Easter eggs. Could do the same with Christmas ornaments or pumpkins.

I made an Easter basket out of candy! Endless possibilities :) Could be done for any occasion really. Use the movie style boxed candy from $ store. Red vine or any pliable long candy for handle. Scrap booking paper on the bottom. Held together with hot glue. Didn't bother with grass or eggs as this was for my 17 year old :)

Free Printable... Post on a friend or neighbor's door and hide eggs, a great reminder of what Easter is all about! Love it"

Instructions for Volcano Colored Eggs: Mix together a tbsp of baking soda, couple tsps of water and some food coloring. Now, grab your paint brushes and begin painting your eggs. Then pour vinegar it on top of the egg & watch the “volcanic eruption” take place.You can repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 over & over until you’re ready to move onto another egg. Lastly, pat off any excess vinegar or simply let them air dry.

Amazing Easter Egg Topiary...LOTS of great Easter decorating ideas!!

Easter eggs...It will drive people crazy wondering how you got the candy inside!

Ideas to help your kids remember that Easter is about Jesus.

For future Easter -- strawberries dipped in white chocolate (dyed orange) to look like carrots.