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the actors/actresses that I respect the most..Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence attends the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards (20.04.13)

Emma Watson take a stroll in West London, UK (28.04.2013)

I’m not good at putting on makeup, so I never wear makeup. I normally stay in my pajamas forever.

David Yates’ most vivid memory of Emma is watching her suddenly let go of her steely professionalism and for once just be young and free. They were filming a death scene from Hallows Part 2 on a freezing-cold beach in Wales. The actors were miserable, especially Emma, who hates the cold and dislikes getting wet even more. But out of nowhere, he recalls, “she ran into the icy water and stood there, holding herself against the waves with her arms outstretched, just laughing.”

“People forget about your humanity when you become famous. I know there will be those who, on reading this, think: ‘Oh, you’re a famous star - deal with it! But I have witnessed, first-hand, how people push, pull and swear at stars - particularly the young ones - just to get any old shot. It’s shameful. You would not want your own daughter treated that way, believe me.”

“The red carpet is more torture than fun. I know that’s a cliché, but it’s uncomfortable having to pose when people are shouting at you and the next day you just get slaughtered. You walk out there and go, ‘Hate me!’”

In My Own Little World

“Eating normally calms me down. I remember before the Oscars [in 2011] I was wearing that skintight dress and eating a Philly cheese steak and fries, and I was like ‘this is definitely going to help.’ And it didn’t. I had to double my Spanx… that’s the problem with the Oscars. They’re at the end, where you’re exhausted from dressing up.”

Jennifer Lawrence at British Academy Film Awards (February 10th)

Johnny Depp making grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron. somehow this really puts things into perspective for me

She’s like 10 and 40 at the same time. She would be sort of goofing around, and you think she’s not really paying attention. And then she would turn on this instant laser focus and do something magical. [Bradley Cooper on Jennifer Lawrence]

“Don’t tell me what I’m doing right. Tell me what I’m doing wrong, so I can fix it. I came from a sports family, so I respond better to that approach.”