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what I would make for kids...if I had them...

Wrap up twenty-five children's books and put them under the tree with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kids choose one book to open and read together until Christmas. Love this idea!

"Price Is Right"-Style Party Favor Punch Wall this would be so cute for a kid's birthday party! Use a big piece of Cardboard, paint it, attach cups to the back and use different colored tissue paper for the openings and before you put it on them, fill with a small prize!

DIY: No more unsightly step-stools always in the way. How to turn any bathroom sink kickplate or bottom drawer into a pull-out step-stair for the munchkins.

NOW HOW COME MY PARENTS DIDNT DO THIS FOR ME WHEN I WAS A KID?? KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts! IM TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS NOW! i love it

Zoo Passport Printables with pictures of animals ready to check off/star at your next zoo visit

portable roads - easy for kids to put together, will travel easily, made out of old denim and yellow paint. velcro helps them stick to carpet!

Clever Countdown: With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. Because the numbered coverings are held on by magnets, you'll be able to bake with the pan again after Christmas.

Line up your baby next to stuffed animals in front of a sunny window for a cute photo. So sweet!

For little kids: instead of a pinata, hang balloons filled with confetti, a few toys and candies. Each child chooses one to pop with a pin. Everyone gets a turn with their own balloon and their own treats!

Nutter Butter reindeer. Chocolate and nutter butters Gotta do these for Christmas!!

Toddler Scribble Art - this is genius.