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Golden Retrievers

mc-random-8 : theBERRY

Golden retriever

Waiting for you to come home.

Dogs accept everyone…

Dogs accept everyone…


Goldens focus on you like no other dog . . .

Golden Retriever Dog History - Annie Many

little golden

Ray Charles: The Blind Golden Retriever Puppy. So many cute pictures. SO SWEET!

Ray Charles: The Blind Golden Retriever Puppy

My new love, Ranger!


Martha's vineyard sheep! #marthasvineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm Yarn CSA giveaway

Well.....I was walking straight home from school ....and all of a sudden...I tripped and fell into the mud. Honest, Mom, I was not playing in the mud ..

Winslow & Newsome really love the snow. They may have been polar bears in a previous life.

Newsome's Leo moment (minus the iceberg).