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I know a lot of girls that should read this and follow it by slapping themselves in the face. Love doesn't mean your life is complete. Get over your disgusting, lying, cheating ex-boyfriend!

C. S. Lewis is one of the most quoted authors on Twitter. The most popular account for him on Twitter and Pinterest is CSLewisDaily. This top 100 list

Whats Today? Todays another opportunity to make a difference in the world. Be positive, be strong and keep your head up... youre the only one whos in control of your future. Make the best of it... start today.

This would make a meaningful gift tucked inside a tiny bag given to a special person in a time of need. This & a hug would really let them know I'm thinking of them. I recently made something like this for one of my teachers who is going through chemo, and for my boyfriend, who was going through a rough spot. They both loved them. A lot. **I LOVE THIS!**

Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. Fall in love. Regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.

So, my mom and I were talking about my grandpa, and this was one of the first pins that popped up. I miss him so much, but I think this is a sign.

😳 No they didn't. Hahahahahaha

A mark for every breath you took, every blink, every sleepy yawn. One for every time you sucked your thumb, waved hello, closed your eyes, and slept in the most perfect darkness. One for every time you had the hiccups. One for every dream you dreamed within me. It isn't very pretty anymore. Some may even think it's ugly. That's OK. It was your home. It held you until my arms could, and for that, I will always find something beautiful in it. ~ Cassie Fox