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Simply adorable!

creative kids - diy storage jars. Replace with octopus toys and paint purple and grey

Magnetic Me (Take a picture of your child and adhere to inside of tin. Then adhere photo props to magnets and let the kids silly themselves up! fun gift idea too!)

I told my nephews, all in their teens, that I had made them a shirt for Christmas. I'm sure they all had visions of an ugly Christmas sweater. I wrapped this "shirt" in a shirt box with tissue paper and all. They were a little nervous and laughed heartily when they saw the "shirt".

homemade paper gift boxes - a beautiful, creative gift on its own or encasing a small gift (this site has tutorials, templates and videos)

Under The Table and Dreaming: Fun and Creative Ideas for Giving Money as Gifts {Tuesday Ten}

Gobelet Box - inexpensive goodie boxes

from the website :: "The easiest way to dress small boxes might be to cover them with washi tape. It’s super quick and the only things you need are washi tape and scissors. I’ve taped boxes before, but I was tempted to make some more using my new colorful washi tape. The boxes can be used to store small items or as gift boxes."

Creative Money Gifts | Candy box....too cute!

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever - a folder to organize all the important papers that come with having a baby! |

citrus: Graduation Gift Idea: Money Book

Would be a great white elephant gift!

Make this chapstick holder keychain and pair it with your friend's favorite chapstick!

Make your own cookbook - add your own family photos and recipes. Give to your children when they move out of the house.

" Cute 40th or 50th or 60th birthday gift and poem..."To celebrate and turning 40 is nothing to SNICKER about. In fact, this is when you have BUTTERFINGERS And your mind starts playing TWIX on you. You’re WHATCHAMACALLIT isn’t working properly, You’ll do things NOW & LATER And forget them both....."

Box of money - better than a box of chocolates! haha This would be awesome to give!