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Words inspire me... (simply me)

I disagree with this... Most of the time it's because that person or thing you're missing is simply what you're used to, people confuse comfort with love. You can be comfortable being with someone because they have been apart of your life but not love them.

  • Kylie Teske

    There is all sorts of different kinds of love. Each person is entitled to their own opinion but, I definitely think that missing someone is a sign that you love them whether it be your best friend or your mother.

I say: Too right. And each of us are strong enough to deal with whatever comes our way ;).

quote on Hell by Neil Gaiman "i think hell is something you carry around with you. not somewhere you go"

The right man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was intimidated by

Thoreau/quote of the day - velvetelisa

everything will be so good so soon just hang in there & don't worry about it too much

A quote perfect for spring! #PinADayInMay

*Lovely Clusters - The Pretty Blog: Weekend Quote

This is one of the shows where I always convince myself, that there's no harm in watching just one more epsiode! #FridayNightLights

Friday Night Lights sign