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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introversion, & some general psychology ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's difficult being an introvert in an extravert-centric world. Introversion is not a pathology or dysfunction: it's a different, quieter way of being. I'm happy being an INTJ, because I almost never get bored... unless I'm forced to participate in mindless small talk. And I don't do perky. 1315

A Map of the Introvert’s Heart – Expanded Consciousness

"I'm a loner. I don't have a gigantic group of friends. People don't miss me. I'm never the first person anyone looks for in a crowded room. I'm just me, Take it or leave it." - Yep #introvert

An extroverted pinner said: "This is a terrific window into the introverted mind. As an extrovert I had a lot of trouble understanding my daughter and other introverted loved ones. This book really opened my eyes to the differences between introverts and extroverts and I became far more understanding to their ways of being. A great book!" Kudos to Angela, for trying so hard and making a difference :-) #introvert

Breathing - will have to try & see if this works for an attack of extreme irritation :-)

Fair warning given, even though I try hard to temper this aspect of myself. #INTJ

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Note the last question on this survey page - a survey FROM PINTEREST which I was asked to participate in. WTF does self-identifying as an INTROVERT have to do with anything???! I know of no way of to contact the Pinterest staff, so I suppose I'll never find out. Even if I could contact them, I'd expect a corporate-speak non-answer.

Temperament -- The Greek philosophers Hippocrates and Plato both wrote of four personality types around 370 B.C.

Myers-Briggs lists four pairs of opposite preferences. Within each pair, we favor one side over the other, and we tend to use that one most of the time because it comes more easily to us. #introvert #extravert

So true for me: I don't have a *lot* of friends, but those I do have are keepers :-) Quality over quantity *every* time! #introvert

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Happily Introverted ~ A collection of articles from Psychology Today that touch on various aspects of being a citizen of Planet Introvert.

This is totally me: no sugar-coating. Don't ask if you don't really want to know, because you might not like what you hear. #INTJ #myt

The answer to this will surprise you. Very interesting article at Scientific American Minds ~ "Will The Real Introverts Please Stand Up?" Whether you believe you're introverted or extraverted, it explores common misperceptions and is *well* worth reading. #introvert #extrovert #highly_sensitive_person #HSP

  • Sandra

    I found this article so offensive! He's got such an aggressive way of communicating about people's experiences. My experience of being an introvert, of working with Jung's understandings, and of being sensitive are nothing like what he describes. What did you think?

  • Undertaker

    I thought it was interesting, though as you said, he was a bit assertive at some points. I consider myself an introvert, but according to this I'm an ambivert. It makes sense, because I am a very passionate person (especially when it comes to speaking about something I love), but I'm also very private when it comes to personal matters.

  • Undertaker

    The author did a good job of explaining what psychologists and analysts define as introversion, but I think that only you can say what you are...or decide who you choose to be.

  • Trish W

    I thought Kaufman did an excellent job by citing *recent* data, most importantly that modern studies are *empirical* & not only one person's interpretation. He then built his main points using these various studies as a foundation. Jung was the pioneer of studying introversion/extraversion & certainly hugely influential, but much data has been revealed in the 90 years since he first advanced these theories.

  • Trish W

    The blog concludes with "But a first step is shedding outdated and inaccurate notions of what it means to be an introvert" :: This is why I found this particular piece worthwhile, because I'm always looking for hard data, writing style aside. >>> Of course, impression & interpretation is strictly personal perception - *everything* is filtered through the lens of an individual's perception.