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You Are My, Christmas Wood Sign, Typography, Subway, Housewares, Home Decor on Etsy, $21.95

This is a great guide. Wish I had it while doing daycamps in the 90s. Tie dye folding techniques....Methods for tie dye.

Clothespin Lollipop Tree FUN!! I WANT TO MAKE THIS!!! :o)

How To Welcome Curb Appeal this Summer? Welcome Signs--would change it to backyard at bottom and add "barking "

Darling blocks that remind you to pray! Just get the blocks and use these prints - would be a fun craft project!

great bday card idea to use up those paper scraps

Ribbon Wreath I like the final result, but I will NEVER make this again lol. However, if you want to make it here are the instructions. Buy a wreath that can be easily covered. I bought a straw wreath, but there are also wicker ones and foam ones that will work just as well. You will need around 9yds of wide ribbon to completely wrap the wreath, secure this with hot glue. You will then need about 14 or so different colors of ribbon. Now that I have made one I will suggest you buy the stiffer ribbons, and none of the smaller widths. I used approximately 6yds per color, so say 72yds of ribbon in total. I would buy an extra spool of a few of your favorite ribbons just in case you need the extra. You will need to cut your ribbon into 4-6 inch strips. I wrapped mine around a DVD case long ways and then cut it at the ends. They will not all be the same length and that is ok, it will give the wreath some variety. You will then need to make the loops out of your ribbon. You can staple the sturdier ribbons, and hot glue the more flimsy ones. Once that is done, put them all into a box and mix them up. Now you are ready to hot glue, or pin these ribbons into place. I used both, it will take several packs of strait pins to finish this, or about half a big pack of hot glue sticks. Either one that you chose, get a cheap plastic thimble to put on your fingers to avoid being stuck/burnt. <--- Best advice I ever got!!! Glue/pin the ribbons on in random angles so that the wreath will be nice and full. I only did the outside and front, but you could do it all the way around if you like. The B in the middle is just an ornament I had and decided to put it in there, I secured it with ribbon to the wreath before I attached the loops. Be prepared to spend quality time with this project lol.

Busy Bee Ribbon Wreath styrofoam wreath, 6 spools of different colored ribbon, straight pins. Wrap wreath with ribbon first (optional). Cut ribbon into 4.5 inch pieces. Loop and pin randomly until wreath is full. Add decor as desired with hot glue. Pin an extra strip on the top to hang! Inspired by PeachyKeenStamps....

Deco Mesh Spring Summer Wreath Orange Turquoise Yellow Flower Door Wreath on Etsy, $112.00

Deco Mesh Georgia Bulldogs Collegiate by SouthernCharmWreaths, $89.00

mesh wreaths | Curly Loop Deco Mesh Wreath method examples

Summer wreath - start with foam wreath, loop on ribbon to hang, the stick in tropical drink umbrellas, starting in the back and working forward. Spray with scrapbook/photo preserve spray or shellac to make it last longer.

Ribbon topiary. Easy to make! Place dowel or skinny tree branch into styrofoam ball. Select wide width ribbons for better coverage. Make 4.5" loops with the ribbon and attach to the styrofoam ball with straight pins. Stick dowel (with the styrofoam ball covered in ribbon) into your chosen vessel - clay pot or box. Then cover base with moss, pebbles, tulle, jelly beans, etc.

Whimsical Party Wreath in vibrant hot pink, turquoise, lime green premium deco mesh features chevron, polka dot, satin ribbons, sequin balls on Etsy, $95.00

DIY: Looped Ribbon Holiday Wreath. I love this.

@mia motiee Pace-- I know this is supposed to be a Halloween wreath, but we could work you one up for Thirty-one parties!

INSTRUCTIONS Overlap the ribbon ¼ and push pin in the center placing it randomly on the outer edge of the ring then place randomly in the inner edge for each ribbon colour or type. Continue until the ring is mostly covered. Place a ribbon holder at the top of your wreath using pins and ribbon.