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Everyday Math

Great list - develop as a class as the year goes on and you teach different strategies!

First Grade Fresh: Lots of Randomness and Updates...

▶ "Nickelish" Coin-Counting Song - Nickels Count by Fives 5s - YouTube

This anchor chart is a great way to organize sorting. I think I will prep it ahead of time, and have the class organize the shapes and glue them in the bubbles.

First Grade Blue Skies: More Sorting Shapes & Freebie

Your friends at Nellie Edge Seminars LOVE THIS MATH VIDEO from The Teaching Channel on subitizing. Watch this accomplished kindergarten teacher actively engage children in thinking mathematically! See best teaching practices for meeting Common Core Standards.

Quick Images: Visualizing Number Combinations

3D shapes with spaghetti and play dough - much cheaper than toothpicks and marshmallows, especially since i have TONS of play dough!

Fractions on a Number Line Anchor Chart (picture only)

Fractions on a number line - classroom collective

Having this poster hanging up in your room will be a great way to remind students about the different terms used for adding and subtracting. (Precious Holmes)

Instant Math Choose an Operation Add or Subtract

Ways To Show A Number Anchor Chart

Ways To Show A Number Anchor Chart -

Cool Math - Learn about Tally Marks - YouTube