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Wearable Tech

19 Pins

The sewing machine Clara and Ugo gave me

The Leapfrog holder

The Jump Jacket 1.0

My Shoe Prototype

Troy Nachtigall: from Wyoming to Fucecchio for wearable technology

My Wearable Tech Kit

Announcing the FLORA, Adafruit’s wearable electronics platform and accessories

Dream71 reflecting light

InFusion Light - 100% stainless steel

Copper tubular tape

Stainless steel tubular tape

Double Face - Polyester on one side, Stainless Steel on the other one

Our best seller Nm 10/3 conductive yarn, 80% polyester, 20% stainless steel.

As smooth as silk.. 65%silk, 35% stainless steel thread

want a soft potentiometer? then look into this

Electroluminescent tape made of stainless steel and EL wires. It requires an inverter to light up the fibers. Great for interior design and interaction design applications.

Fabric embedded LED strip

All you need for a soft circuit..

100 meters of EL wire on the floor