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DECONSTRUCTING ROY LICHTENSTEIN (And by "deconstructing" he means revealing where L. lifted all his imagery from...)

Paul Thek and His Merry Band of Fifties Gay Artists (The Cut)

Photos: Paul Thek and His Merry Band of Fifties Gay Artists

Monotype "Pencil to Pixel" exhibition

The blank page: Copywriter vs. Designer

What to do when the copy doesn't fit the layout: Copywriter vs. Designer

More board game typography -- some q!

A little random board game typography

Photographer David Stewart (@ It's Nice That)

Illustrator Kimiaki Yaegashi (@ It's Nice That)

Blickensderfer No. 5 Typewriter (@ American Precision Museum, VT)

Infographic! Triangular scatterplot: Who Voted for Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney (NYTimes)

Situation Comedy: Humor in Recent Art (@ Independent Curators International)

Designer Bullshit: "Perimeter Oscillations" and the Pepsi Ratio (@BoingBoing)

Ali as Sebastian, by George Lois (Esquire, April 1968). Click through for some fascinating historical/religious context if you don't know the backstory.

Etienne Gros: Nudes in Foam (@ It's Nice That)

Leyendecker and his Arrow Collar husband of 49 years