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The best reactionary moments from your favorites like Bait Car, Lizard Lick Towing, Operation Repo and South Beach Tow, only on truTV!

No shirt, no keys, no problem, right? Wrong. Just ask this suspect - Bait Car

Surprised? - Bait Car

How'd J-Money get in the dumpster? From his face, it looks like he doesn't even know.

Ouch! | Lizard Lick Towing

Uh-Oh | Bait Car

What we were thinking is you just got caught | Bait Car

Next time she may think twice before messing with Bernice | South Beach Tow

Rolling With Bernice Photo Gallery - South Beach Tow

No Laughing Matter | Bait Car

Its a wrap! | Bait Car

Boo Hoo! | Bait Car

Uhhhhh... You're Busted | Bait Car

That looks painful | Operation Repo

Whaaaatt?? | Operation Repo

Jerome listens intently to a lovely lady's tale of woe. | South Beach Tow

Three against one isn't very smart, even with a helmet on | South Beach Tow

Ashley's looking for an assist with this one | Hardcore Pawn