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Haunted House

I love haunted houses. Real and made up. Amazing ideas for creating a true haunted house. Props and decorations. For milder, whimsical or traditional halloween decorating ideas, try my other board, "My Howloween Handbook" and "My Halloween Handbook 2".

Don't want your guests to venture where they don't belong? Use a mannequin or sewing form topped with a styrofoam wig head then covered with dark fabric then draped in tulle or gauze. Positioned at the top of the stairs-you've created a no go zone!

Get some cheap skeletons and put a light in them and hang for a different Halloween decoration.

Alex Garnett — 'Goliath' Pendant Skull Lamp.

Skeleton "Hell Hole" Prop

Prop Showcase: The Hell Hole - Revision 3: The massive upgrade.

How to Make Human-Size Ghosts - Chicken wire and gauze come together to create ghoulish ghost figures that can stand on their own or fly from the trees. Click for larger image

Halloween Decoration: How to Make Human-Size Ghosts

Step by step instructions to make this creepy apparition!

Creating a Spooky Specter » Copy By Connelly

Photo Gallery - The Mad Lab

Photo Gallery - The Mad Lab

The Scarecrow's Post: Bring on the Corpse Heads...

The Scarecrow's Post: Bring on the Corpse Heads

Tutorial~ How to make a dead skeleton look like it's come alive for Halloween! Great Prop!

Have an outdoor pond? Decorate it this Halloween with some floaters.

Brilliant! Body forms for life size props. Hopefully someone can use the concept or improve on it.It has worked pretty well for me (and its fairly cheap). Less than $20 for a sturdy, water resistant and reusable form. Outside friendly. Just add your favorite costume!I utilize PVC frames and simply add empty 2 liter bottles for leg filler. Incidentally, the necks of the bottles fit 1/2" PVC pipe perfectly.

Static: Lifesize Body Forms


Halloween 2013 Photos by Longtimer_photos on Photobucket

Custom Haunt Sign Lettering

Custom Haunt Sign Lettering

How to make a drop window prop halloween prop Ep. 24 - YouTube

Haunted house falling drop wall celing prop Ep. 26 - YouTube. Add spiders and it would be awesome