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Haunted House

I love haunted houses. Real and made up. Amazing ideas for creating a true haunted house. Props and decorations. For milder, whimsical or traditional halloween decorating ideas, try my other board, "My Howloween Handbook" and "My Halloween Handbook 2".

Brilliant! Body forms for life size props. Hopefully someone can use the concept or improve on it.It has worked pretty well for me (and its fairly cheap). Less than $20 for a sturdy, water resistant and reusable form. Outside friendly. Just add your favorite costume!I utilize PVC frames and simply add empty 2 liter bottles for leg filler. Incidentally, the necks of the bottles fit 1/2" PVC pipe perfectly.

Static: Lifesize Body Forms


Halloween 2013 Photos by Longtimer_photos on Photobucket

Custom Haunt Sign Lettering

Custom Haunt Sign Lettering

How to make a drop window prop halloween prop Ep. 24 - YouTube

How to make sparking fence haunted house halloween prop Ep. 2 - YouTube

Haunted house falling drop wall celing prop Ep. 26 - YouTube. Add spiders and it would be awesome

this looks like a LIVE person! Halloween Animatronic Pneumatic Haunted House Prop #45 - YouTube

Batfly's Tombstone Turtorial

Batfly's Tombstone Turtorial

How to get a baby in a jar.

How to get a baby in a jar.

This cost about $15, and 10 min. 1. get a cheap motion activated security light, 2 socket/outlet convertors, and an extension cord.2. Put the socket/outlet things in.3. Cut the end off of the extension cord. 4. Connect the cord to the light. Be sure to secure the connections well.EDIT: Tanks Runfromron. On a standard zip-cord extension cord, the wire that is striped is the co

Cheap/ easy motion sensor

Skull Candles w/ Blue LED inside~ Halloween Forum member

Photo 4 of 6 from Skull Candles

ScareFX: Grim Reaper Project: 8-Foot Grim Reaper

ScareFX: Grim Reaper Project: The Reaper

Rocking granny how to

ScareFX: Rockin Granny: Background

ScareFX: Witch Project: Witch

ScareFX: Witch Project: Witch

A Witches cauldron that magically stirs by its self. The secret... it uses a windshield wiper motor

ScareFX: Witch Project: Cauldron Page 4

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Prop Showcase: Pirates - I invoke the right of Parley!!! - Page 2

Mechanical: Nightmare Nursery Crib & Mobile

Mechanical: Nightmare Nursery Crib & Mobile

Meat grinder prop

doll head- red or green light inside would be super freaky and creepy

Halloween Dead body, covering pool table.