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heck of a way to get a drink

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Little food protector...

Puppy Sleeps in Food Bowl

Sometimes, even the most fabulous of pet beds doesn't keep them off the couch.

HomeGoods | Making a Home For Your New Dog

sweetest face ever

Cute baby animals - Cute baby animals

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Photographer Dyrk Daniels says: "I noticed this little girl was leaning against the glass with both hands out stretched staring at the 'big kitties'. I could not believe my eyes when Taj approached the girl, bowed his head and then placed his huge right paw exactly in front of where the little girl's left hand was. It was incredible to watch. Taj let down his right paw, rubbed his cheek against the glass."

Category 1 Perfect Moment. Highly Commended Adult: Monkey Snapper by Lucy Ray. Photographer Lucy Ray said: 'Chickaboo is a curious baby gorilla. She was fascinated by the camera and although she looks as though is taking a picture, she is actually looking at her reflection in the back of the screen.'