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Quote from CNN interview with Deanna Jump. Click to read!

TpT's Top Seller Deanna Jump on CNN! | Minds in Bloom


  • Rachel Jones

    Unfortunately, I'd say the ones who care this much are rare, and people like that lawyer only say things like that because they had average teachers, or worse.

  • Catie Beatty

    "Why I won't I let you go to the bathroom?" That doesn't even make sense.

  • Patty Burn

    I teach middle school and so many kids get bored from their work and "What to go to the bathroom" they are they have 5 minute passing periods...

  • Jill Macgregor

    Me?? Yep...guilty.

Great quotes about teaching #1

Caffeine and Lesson Plans: One of those fantastic days
  • Debbie Conley

    For all my teacher friends out there, I know you can relate to this quote. Thank you all for the job you do so well.

poster with a Marvin Minsky quote on understanding and learning

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make on business cards (nonverbal warning cards)

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A wish for all end of the year message for my class?

Diario di una Creamamma

So true. Not only am I perpetually mortified when reading things on the Internet, but also things in real life that contain abbreviations galore and incorrect grammar.

Yes, you do need math.

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Hey Teacher...! Teacher Appreciation :)